dam hoe grow some balls n msg me 1st i kno u feelin tha kid

me to all my hoez


Miss this kim

I do not like people in general. You could come over, if you had food and weed and don’t talk much. Get high rub my booty and then play gta online with me when u go home. That’s more appealing to me then, taking me out to eat on a date cos the free food is not worth the annoying situation of hearing you talk and then I gotta be around other people too hell nah. Like seriously you could even come by me at school and rub my thigh while we eat lunch and not talk to me and give me that look like “yea bitch you know I’m bouto eat that pussy when I get you home” and then leave me at peace with my headphones.


Best fucking movie

this is the level my pussy game on…

Cyanea Blue



She is literally the definition of perfection


Saskia de Brauw, Vogue

3,760 plays


Backyard - Travi$ Scott